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Conservation Reserve Program - Exit Strategies

    A group of agriculture and conservation stakeholders in the Pacific Northwest is working to devise strategies that will ease the transition of land protected under the Conservation Reserve Program to no-till production system.   Photo courtesy of CTIC   Conservation Reserve Program – Exit Strategies By Russ Evans In the rain-fed region of the inland Pacific Northwest (PNW) – especially the dryer, low rainfall regions that rely on summer fallow – the regular calls for Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) signup were met with enthusiasm by local landowners who had land that qualified as highly erodible, endangered species habitat, ...

Nutrient Management

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service US Environmental Protection Agency National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Livestock Waste Management Information for the Midwest - CTIC International Plant Nutrition Institute—Plant Nutrition Today

South Carolina's Confined Animal Manure Manager website

The Confined Animal Manure Manager (CAMM) program team consists of agents and specialists with Clemson University, the Clemson Extension Service, the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. The team was assembled in 1998 to comply with State Regulation R.61-43, which states: 100.190.A An operator of a new or existing swine facility, lagoon, manure storage pond, or manure utilization area shall complete a training program on the operation of swine manure management created by Clemson University. 200.190.A An operator of an animal facility or manure utilization area shall attend a training program on ...

Thank you CTIC Medal Members

      CTIC thanks our Medal Members for supporting the promotion of comprehensive conservation and sustainable agricultural systems.       CTIC Medal Members   In 2009, CTIC launched a new membership structure that allows members to receive additional value and recognition for their support of comprehensive conservation and sustainable agricultural systems. With additional membership dues above the basic level in each membership category, members achieve medal status of Gold, Silver or Bronze. The additional support provided by our Medal Members enables CTIC to enhance our regional and national projects, to explore new partnership opportunities and to bring national recognition ...