What We Do

CTIC champions, promotes and provides information on technologies and sustainable agricultural systems that conserve and enhance soil, water, air and wildlife resources, and are productive and profitable.

Lead Projects

CTIC is a leader and collaborator in projects that address conservation agriculture's most important topics. Funded by public investments, foundation grants, agribusiness and private donations, our projects provide insight into agricultural systems that are both economically and environmentally beneficial. 

Provide Information

CTIC is a clearinghouse of information on conservation agriculture. We can help you find documents, data, and links on a wide range of practices and systems.

Our Climate Commitment

Having served since 1982 as one of the nation’s leading proponents for the adoption of agricultural conservation practices (e.g. no-till and cover crops) that are now known to have major climate benefits, we have played a direct role in US row crop farmers sequestering or avoiding at least 50 million metric tons of CO2e annually, for a cumulative total of more than 2 gigatons over our first four decades of operation. CTIC will continue to advance practical systems that improve soil health and water quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance resilience to intensifying climate change, and deliver other environmental benefits. We will also continue to connect stakeholders committed to improving the sustainability of American agriculture, including reducing agriculture’s greenhouse gas footprint, and serve as an unbiased source of information for the trends in adoption of conservation practices and how they help farmers adapt to current climate changes and mitigate future climate impacts.