National Water Quality Initiative (NWQI)

CTIC has completed their work with USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) on a project in support of NWQI. This project identified successful watershed management activities that engaged landowners, farmers, and the broader public to protect water quality. Insights developed through this project will inform future NRCS efforts to support local watershed initiatives with technical and financial resources.

As a first step, CTIC convened watershed leaders from across the country at five forums to learn from their experience—successful or otherwise—with diverse watershed management and communication strategies. Their first forum took place in North Carolina followed by forums in Vermont, Oklahoma, Illinois and Washington.

In addition to the forums, CTIC and project partners developed: recommendations for communicating effectively to build support for an understanding of ag conservation efforts aimed at water quality and quantity; reports for each forum and a summary report providing actionable recommendations to NRCS and partners on watershed project design, delivery and promotion from a landowner and stakeholder perspective; and practioners guide to assist stakeholders in working with NRCS in support of watershed projects.

Final Outcome Reports:

Illinois State Report
North Carolina State Report
Oklahoma State Report
Vermont State Report
Washington State Report
NWQI Final Report and Practitioner's Guide 
Project Objective

Utilize CTIC's expertise and networking success to improve the effective engagement by NRCS in delivering watershed projects and to enhance the agency's ability to communicate the issues and success of watershed projects.

Project partners

Purdue University