Practical Conservation Planning in the Field

August 22-23, 2017

Stuttgart Public Library
Stuttgard, Arkansas
Ph: 870-673-1966

This workshop will provide CCAs and other ag consultants with the foundation to recognize opportunities for reducing their clients’ impact on water quality. The majority of the day will be spent with three speakers—representing industry, agency, and academia—who will lend their expertise to give a complete perspective on a set of edge of field practices. Attendees will also learn about in-field nutrient management for improved water quality.
The workshop is free, however, registration is required.


Tuesday August 22

1:00 to 4:30 PM—Stuttgart Public Library
Topics of discussion
  • Identify symptoms suggesting need for conservation - Mike Taylor, Farmer (30 min)
  • Selecting right practices - John Lee, NRCS (90 min)
  • Resources for technical support - Keith Scoggins, NRCS
  • Selecting a contractor - Keith Scoggins, NRCS
  • Arkansas’ nutrient reduction strategy and how practices covered by this training protect water quality - Adrian Baber or Ken Brazil (15-30 min)

Wednesday August 23

8:00 AM—Check-in, coffee and donuts at Stuttgart Public Library
8:30 AM—Bus departs for Terry Dabbs’ farm
Outdoors on the farm
  • Discovery Farms: Water quality monitoring as a driver of voluntary conservation adoption - Mike Daniels, Arkansas Discovery Farms (30 mins.)
  • Dabbs Farm: Conservation practices used on the farm including a tail water recovery system and conservation tillage, experience with adopting them, and on-farm benefits - Terry Dabbs, Farmer & Michele Reba, ARS (75-90 min)
12:00 PM ~ (boxed lunch provided @ the farm)
Arrive back at Stuttgart Public Library around noon
Topics of discussion
  • The Stevens Farm: Precision irrigation and its place in a practical system. Impacts on productivity and water quality, including results of on-farm water quality monitoring - Steve Stevens, Farmer & Mike Daniels, Arkansas Discovery Farms (75-90 min)
  • Lunch (45 min)
  • Tailwater recover systems and surface reservoirs - Michele Reba, ARS (60-90 min)
  • Making changes to improve the land: Challenges and benefits of a systems approach. AR Soil Health Alliance - Mike Taylor (30-45 min
4:30 PM—Conclude