Water Quality Trading Workshop (March 4-5, 2009)

""Who: Wye Mills, MD
What: March 4-5, 2009
Where: Chesapeake College
Together with its partners, Environmental Trading Network, the International Certified Crop Advisers, the Water Environment Federation, and the Maryland Departments of Agriculture and the Environment, the Conservation Technology Information Center hosted this interactive event as part of Maryland’s public outreach on its newly developed nonpoint-source trading program.

Water quality trading is a market-based approach to improve water quality. It is an innovative, voluntary tool that connects industrial and municipal facilities (point sources) with agricultural producers or other landowners (nonpoint sources) to economically achieve water quality improvements and to accommodate growth. It is a flexible and cost-effective approach for maintaining, restoring, or enhancing water quality.

Overview of Water Quality Credit Trading (WQT) - National Perspective - Mark Keiser Presenter
Benefits & Obstacles in WQT - A Maryland Perspective - George Kelly Presenter
Benefits & Obstacles in WQT - A Maryland Perspective - Cy Jones Presenter
WQT Program in Maryland - Point Source to Non Point Source Programs - Steve Luckman Presenter
Maryland's Water Quality Trading Program - Phase II - Agricultural Nutrient Trading in Maryland - John Rhoderick Presenter
Water Quality Trading: Issues from the Wastewater Plant Perspective - Cy Jones Presenter
Water Quality Credit Trading Workshop - Jim Klang Presenter
The Nation's Conservation Districts - Bob Ensor Presenter
Farm Stewardship Certification and Assessment Program (FSCAP) - Gerald Talbert Presenter
CTIC Water Quality Credit Aggregators - George Kelly Presenter
Introduction to Maryland Water Quality Issues - Cy Jones Presenter
Water Quality Trading Opportunities in Maryland and the Bay - Are you ready to trade? - Mark Kieser Presenter

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