CTIC Welcomes New Members

CTIC Welcomes New Members


By Rachel Doctor

Terra Industries Inc.

CTIC is excited to introduce Terra Industries Inc., as a new Premier Corporate Member.

Headquartered in Sioux City, Iowa, Terra serves agriculture by providing farmers with nitrogen products that replenish the soil and are essential to plant growth. In fact, the company is the leading international producer of nitrogen products for agricultural, industrial and environmental markets. Terra owns and operates nitrogen manufacturing facilities in six North American locations and own 50 percent interest in joint ventures in the United Kingdom and The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Terra takes pride in protecting the land, air and water and having superior customer relations in the communities in which they operate. Since 1987, Terra has reduced their nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions by about 80 percent by installing selective catalytic reduction systems in its facilities and has implemented projects to reduce toxic emissions of ammonia, nitrate and methanol. Currently, the company is installing low-NOx burners and greenhouse abatement systems to further reduce NOx and carbon dioxide emissions.


Alberta Reduced Tillage LINKAGES (RTL)

The Alberta Reduced Tillage LINKAGES (RTL) program is a partnership with broad-based farmer, industry, educational, wildlife and government support. RTL's mission is to be a reliable and trustworthy resource focused on increasing the adoption of sustainable production systems by Alberta farmers and ranchers.


National Council of Farmer Cooperatives (NCFC)

Since 1929, the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives (NCFC) has been the voice of America's farmer cooperatives. Their members are regional and national farmer cooperatives, which are in turn comprised of nearly 3,000 local farmer cooperatives across the country. NCFC's mission is to advance the business and policy interests of America's cooperatives and other farmer-owned enterprises by fulfilling its core values, which include the stewardship of natural resources.


American Farmland Trust (AFT)

As the nation's leading advocate for farm and ranch land conservation, American Farmland Trust (AFT) works with communities and individuals to protect the best land, plan for agriculture and keep the land healthy. The mission of AFT is to help farmers and ranchers protect their land, produce a healthier environment and build successful communities.


Ohio No-Till Council

The Ohio No-Till Council was formed in 1994 through the efforts of 10 no-till farmers. The statewide organization now has more than 285 members, including farmers and other agribusiness professionals. The Council publishes its research findings and other helpful communications through the Ohio No-Till News page of Ohio's Country Journal ( www.ocj.com ). In addition, the council puts on a one-day conference in December and a field day in August. The Council is also one of the sponsors of the Conservation Tillage & Technology Conference (CTC), February 26-27, 2009, in Ada, Ohio.

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 Many thanks to our newest member for supporting CTIC.