Hiram Boon, Delta Conservation Demonstration Center, Greenville, Miss.


CTIC Member since 2001

Initially, the Delta Conservation Demonstration Center joined CTIC for the exchange of information from different organizations and groups. We are seeing that benefit today.

CTIC keeps us informed of opportunities to participate in grants and meetings. This organization is a conduit to share information, and through CTIC, we have the opportunity to share what we are doing with other producers and organizations.

The greatest benefits of our CTIC membership, I believe, are receiving the results of surveys conducted by CTIC, and having the opportunity to participate in work groups that are developing methods to resolve issues.

By becoming a member of CTIC, you will have the opportunity to be better informed of what is happening in agriculture and get to know other partners that can help in solving issues of mutual concern.

CTIC provides me with an opportunity to know and work with a dedicated staff that seeks to help all of its members become conservationists.