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National Aquatic Resource Surveys Partnership Sessions

Co-located with the National Water Quality Monitoring Conference
Denver, Colorado – March 25 – 29, 2019
March 25 - Monday Afternoon (2 PM - 6 PM)
Objective – follow-up to December 2017 national meeting; share progress and discuss additional next steps related to NARS improvements and NARS 2.0 proposal
  • Welcome
  • Updates from NARS Workgroups on Data, Communications and Methods/Indicators
  • Training Improvements
  • NARS 2.0 Design Implementation Discussions
March 27 - Wednesday Evening (5 PM - 7 PM)
Objective – generate discussion and insight into how we can expand data analysis using NARS and other data to address additional water program questions and needs.       
  • Expanding NARS data analysis – short presentations and facilitated discussion
    • Integrating data across waterbodies (Steve Paulsen, Alan Herlihy)
    • What other questions can we address using these data? (Are we losing the best of what’s left? What are the causes and sources of problems?)
March 29 - Friday Morning (8 AM - 12:30 PM) – workshop on sample frame/target population issues
Objective – workshop to collaborate and transfer knowledge between NARS partners on Sample Frames for NARS.  The discussions will include identifying/discussing stakeholder and partner requirements for the sample frames and development/refinement of samples frames.
  • Opening
  • Target Populations and Sample Frames: Past, Present and Future for each of the NARS, Tony Olsen
  • Concurrent Sessions – Discussion of issues by Waterbody Type (rivers/streams, lakes; wetlands, estuarine/Great Lakes)
- For each concurrent session:
  • State presentation on how integration of sample frames, indicators, timing etc. for state scale survey work has gone with NARS. 
  • Facilitated group discussion on sample frames, reporting units of interest, what to include (or exclude) from the sample frame and how that impacts site evaluation, and nonresponse issues.
  • Wrap-up/next steps