Enrollment Page for the Conservation Validation Network (CVN)

CTIC is partnering with a number of other organizations on the creation of the Conservation Validation Network (CVN), which we envision as a valuable set of anonymized ground-truthing data available to support advances in remote sensing methodologies being used to track adoption of regenerative conservation practices like reduced tillage and winter cover crops. This will ultimately result in higher accuracy of those methods, streamlined systems for documenting participation in sustainability or conservation programs, and higher stimulus payments for growers.

With seed funding made available by TNC Indiana and Corteva, CTIC led Phase 1 of the CVN Indiana Pilot, under which the CVN database was designed, and this placeholder enrollment page was developed, pending the additional funding needed to proceed with implementation. For any questions about the CVN program, please contact Dave Gustafson (gustafson@ctic.org).

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