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Southern Minnesota Nutrient Management Coalition

Partners have expanded the steering committee to include Fillmore Soil and Water Conservation District, BNC Water Quality Board, Cannon River Watershed Partnership, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, University of Minnesota Department of Soil, Water and Climate, Rice Soil and Water Conservation District, Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council, Greater Blue Earth River Basin, University of Minnesota Extension, Minnesota Agricultural Water Resources Coalition, Pioneer and Agrium.

Vision: We envision a public/private partnership that forms a unified voice for promoting nutrient management in Southern Minnesota.

Mission: Draw on our diversity and the knowledge of the farming community to promote nutrient efficiency which is both environmentally responsible and economically viable.

Nutrients in Our Environment - Past, Present, and Beyond - Feb. 18 conference in Mankato, Minnesota

Information for Committee Members

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