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The Future of NARS: Building on Our Shared Successes

National Workshop/Conference
December 5-7, 2017
NOAA Training Center
Silver Spring, MD

  1. Bring together EPA, state and tribal partners to identify enhancements/changes we should make to the National Aquatic Resource Surveys to improve our ability to:
    1. Assess the condition of the nation’s waters and track trends over time
    2. Evaluate key stressors impacting our waters
    3. Support tech transfer and enhancements to state/tribal water quality monitoring programs
  2. In support of objective 1, learn from on-going state/tribal efforts
  3. Provide an opportunity for specific technical training on issues related to the NARS

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DRAFT Agenda

Travel Information

Workshop Registration (workshop is free, however registration is required)

Dec. 5-7, 2017
Silver Spring, MD

DRAFT Agenda

Travel Info

Registration (workshop is free, however registration is required)

Pre-workshop Webinars