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July 21, 2018, 10:24 am
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Is anybody here?

Carol Reeves

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Is anybody here?

Reply #1 on: on September 19, 2012, 7:58 pm
I don't see many posts on the forum so what I say may go into the blog oblivion.  I have just joined because I am interested in learning more about conservation technology.  I'm also interested in talking to those who have been working with farmers.  As part of a research project I began last year, I have been following two farms in Cass county.   One is a pasture-based dairy with 250 milkers located about 50 meters from the Wabash.  They have a 200 year dam to prevent spillage and an extremely well-planned water filtration system for the manure they collect from the parlor. They do apply chemicals on their forage, but since it is forage, I don't think they get much runoff.  The other farm is a conventional till corn, soybean and commercial tomato operation.  They have buffer strips.
I am interested in how conservation practices are communicated to farmers.  Farmers need to be convinced that a practice is going to be profitable, but they know that their inputs will increase when they invest in cover crops and buffer strips.  So how are they persuaded?  
If anyone is here and would be willing to chat, I would be grateful.

Karen Scanlon


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Communicating with farmers

Reply #2 on: on September 21, 2012, 12:39 pm
Dear Carol,
You ask important questions. We'd be happy to talk with you to share ideas and explore your questions in depth.
Keys to communicating with farmers include trust, timeliness, understanding tradition, science-based information and relating information to an individual farmer's operation. Becoming a trusted source of conservation information takes time and requires investing in the relationship with individuals and the agricultural community.
Presenting evidence about conservation practices or systems -  in the form of published research or testimony of a farmer experienced with conservation practices - gets you only so far. The next step is to demonstrate how that practice or system will work on the individual's farm.
Please contact us soon so we can continue the conversation.
Call 765-494-9555  and ask for Karen Scanlon or Chad Watts.
Thank you!

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