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Monday, June 23
   Opening Session
Amir Kassam Worldwide Adoption of Conservation Agriculture
   Concurrent Session 1 - Building Sustainability
Dennis Bulani Thinking About Your Thinking
Breana Behrens The Importance of Providing Landowners with the Full Spectum of Information and Resources on Conservation Agriculture
Dennis Haak Adoption Trends of Environmentall Sustainable Practices on Canadian Farms
Beth Poganski REACHing out: An Innovative Participatory Approach to Conservation Integration in Agriculture
Amir Kassam Sustainable Intensification and Conservation Agriculture
Moti Jaleta Resource Saving and Productivity Enhancing Impacts of Minimum Tillage in Ethiopia
   Concurrent Session 2 - Soil Health/Biology as Key Factors
Jill Clapperton Healthy Soil is the Foundation for Food
Chandra Sekhar Praharaj Technological Interventions for Strategic Management of Water in Conserving Natural Resources
Lilian Mbuthia Microbial Community Structure after Long-term (31 years) of Conservation Tillage under Continuous Cotton in West Tennessee
Marie Bartz No-Tillage Improves Earthworm Species Richness in Southern Brazil
Ramesh Kumar Sharma
Menale Kassie The Role of Conservation Agriculture Practices in Production Risks, Crop Income and Agro-chemical Use
   Concurrent Session 3 - Innovative Adoption by Producers
Pauline Mele Harnessing the Biological Potential of Australian Grain Production Soils
Richard Bell Entrepreneurship and the Adoption of Conservation Agriculture by Smallholder Farmers: Key Learning from Bangladesh
Christian Thierfelder Identifying new Sustainable Intensification Pathways for Smallholder Farmers in Southern Africa
Yigezu A. Yigezu Measuring the Impacts of Conservation Tillage (CT) on Household Income and Consumption: A Syrian Case
Jeffrey Mitchell
Jill Wheeler The Good Growth Plan
   Poster Session 1: Building Sustainability with Conservation Agriculture
Houcine Angarâ Comparison of Soil Compaction under Conventional Agriculture and Conservation Agriculture Practices
Hendrik Smith
A Farmer-Centered Innovation Systems Approach to Stimulate Adoption of Conservation Agriculture in South Africa
Mohamed Jadlaoui Design and Agronomic Assessment of an Implement for Conservation Agriculture Bed Planting in Tunisia
Ramesh Kumar Sharma Conservation Agriculture Practices for the Sustainability of Wheat Productivity and Profitability
Vicky Singh Conservation Agriculture Based Management Technologies for Improving Productivity and Profitability of Cotton-Wheat System in Northern-Western Indo-Gangetic Plains of South Asia
Ramesh Purohit
   Poster Session 2: Soil Health & Biology as a Foundation of Conservation Ag
Alexandre D'Andréa Soil Carbon Stocks in an Experimental Area Cultivated with Mangabeira (Hancornia speciosa Gomez ) in an Quartzipsamment with Duripan in João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil
Chandra Praharaj Residue Management in Pulse Intercropping – A Precursor for Soil Quality Improvement in Rainfed Regions
Walter Riedell
Crop Rotations with Annual and Perennial Forages under No-Till Soil Management: Soil Attributes, Soybean Mineral Nutrition, and Yield
Hatem Cheikh M'Hamed Conservation Agriculture as Alternative to Reduce Impact of Climate Change for Smallholder in North Africa: Tunisian Case
Christian Thiefelder Residue Cover Provision Challenges for Conservation Agriculture (CA) Associated with Termite (Isoptera) Infestations in Southern Africa
Marla Riekman Soil Management Extension: Going Back to the Basics to Build Healthy Soils
Shannon Osborne The Importance of Crop Residue on Soil Aggregation and Soil Organic Matter Components
Susan Samson-Liebig Building Soil Health in North Dakota
Tesfay Araya Building Soil Resilience and Sustainable Cropping Systems in Eastern African Drylands after Nine Years of Conservation Agriculture-Based Systems
Thomas Weyer Evaluation of Soil Cultivation Trials of the Südzucker AG by Using the Classification Key of Weyer & Boeddinghaus and the Octet Method of Thielemann
   Poster Session 3: Producer Innovation to Build Conservation Agriculture
Joseph Mutua Status and Best-Bet Entry Points for Business Models that Accelerate Initiatives to Scale-Up Kenya's Conservation Agriculture Development
Victor Durán Zuazo Conservation Agriculture Techniques in Rainfed Tree Crops and Mediterranean Climate: Implications for Erosion and Runoff Control
Jahangir Alam Evaluation of Conservation Agriculture for Rice-based Cropping Systems on the High Ganges River Flood Plain of Bangladesh
Tuesday, June 24
   Panel Session: Conservation Agriculture: World Perspectives
Australia- Bill Crabtree World Perspectives
Gérard Rass Biodiversity advocates for Conservation Agriculture
Maria Beatriz Giraudo Conservation Agriculture in Argentina: Development and Perspectives Agricultural Sustainable Production System
Frédéric Thomas From No-till to Ecologically Intensive Agriculture
   Concurrent Session 4 - Components of Sustainability
Rene Van Acker The Development and Adoption of Conservation Agriculture in Canada: From the Ecological to the Cultural
Aziz Nurbekov Status of Conservation Agriculture in Central Asia
Cheryl Reese Landscape Position and Winter Cover Crops Impact on Northern Great Plains Corn (Zea mays) Yield and N and Water Cycling
Brian Sims Mechanization of Conservation Agriculture in Zambia: Lessons Learnt and Future Directions
Frederic Baudron Appropriate and Equitable Mechanization in Africa Through Conservation Agriculture: Use of Two-wheel Tractors, and Involvement of the Private Sector
Yash Dang Strategic Tillage: Is it a Threat to Conservation Agriculture?
   Concurrent Session 5 - Climate Change Impacts
Jerry Hatfield Conservation Impacts on Climate Resilience
ML Jat Adaptation to and Mitigation of Climate Change Effects for Future Food Security in South Asia: Is Precision-Conservation Agriculture a Way Forward?
Tadesse Birhanu Seasonal Climate Variability Dependent Effects of Conservation Agriculture Practices Across Different Agroecologies in Ethiopia
Ram A. Jat Climate change Mitigation and Adaptation Potential of Conservation Agriculture: Effects on Rainwater Use Efficiency, Runoff, Soil Moisture, Soil Organic Carbon and Energy Use
Stefano Brenna Environmental Outcomes of Conservation Agriculture in North Italy
   Concurrent Session 6 - Producers as Innovators
Tim Neale Doubling the Worlds’ Food Production, How New Technology Will Help
Azat Tileumuratov The Lessons Learned in the Introduction of Zero Tillage in Dry Conditions in Karakalpakstan
Tom Basden
Evaluating Farmer Adoption of a set of Precision Nutrient Management Methods
Deivison Santos Innovative Approaches to Address Challenges and Opportunities to Conservation Agriculture Adoption in the Brazilian Agricultural Frontier
Mahesh Gathala Improving Livelihood of Resource Poor Farmers Through Conservation Agriculture-based Crop Management Techniques Under Rice-maize Cropping Systems in Bangladesh
   Concurrent Session 7 - Nutrient Management: Innovative Use of 4R's in
                                        Conservation Agriculture
M. Motior Rahman Nitrogen Recovery and Agronomic Efficiency of Rice Under Tropical Conditions as Affected by Nitrogen Fertilizer and Legume Crop Rotation
Yashpal Saharawat Nutrient Dynamics under Conservation Agriculture-based Cropping Systems
John Heard Successful 4R Nutrient Stewardship Extension Techniques: Fertilizer Rate, Source and Placement
Mahesh Gathala Comparative Productivity and Farmers?: Perceptions of Rice-maize System Performance Under Conservation Agriculture in Water-limited Environments of Southern Bangladesh
   Concurrent Session 8 - Conservation Agriculture and the Changing Climate
Ernie Shea Conservation Agriculture: A Critical Adaptive Management Strategy
Marlen Eve Quantifying Farm-Scale Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in the U.S.: Methods, Challenges and Data Gaps
Li Hongwen Conservation Agriculture in Asia
Shadananan Nair Conservation Agriculture: An Option to Overcome the Agricultural Crisis in Kerala
Donald Reicosky Carbon: The Synergy Element in No-Tillage and Cover Crops
   Concurrent Session 9 - Adopting Conservation Ag to Smallholder Production
Erick Ruwona
Pitfalls to Avoid and Lessons Learnt for Sustainable Conservation Agriculture Adoption
Saidi Mkomwa Conservation Agriculture for Building Resilient Farming Systems in Africa: Extracts of the Lusaka 25by25 2014 Congress Declaration
Neil Rowe Miller Why Farmers Don’t Do What We Tell Them (And Why It’s a Good Thing)
   Poster Session 4: Mechanization of Conservation Agriculture
Colin Piggin Evaluation of Zero Tillage and Early Sowing for Dryland Copping in Syria
Denizart Bolonhezi Sugarcane in No-Tillage and Liming Long-Term Experiment: Fifteen Years of Results
John Morrison Conservation Agriculture Seeders for Smallholder Farmers
Enamul Haque A New Wave of Conservation Agriculture Adoption on Smallholder Farms using Planters for Two Wheel Tractors: Progress and Bottlenecks for Adoption in South Asia
Peter Gamache Agronomic and Economic Viability of Controlled Traffic Farming in Alberta
Ricardo Romero -Perezgrovas Diesel Subsidies and Sustainable Agriculture in the Mexican Bajio: The Wrong Policy?
Thouraya Souissi Weed Incidence, Control and Grain Yield Losses in Conservation Cropping Systems of North Africa
Wolfgang Sturny No-Tillage: From Bernese Cantonal Promotion to Swiss Federal Agricultural Policy
Yigezu Yigezu Decision and Duration Analysis of the Adoption of Zero Tillage: A Syrian Case
Harminder Singh Sidhu Machinery for Crop Residue Management in No-Till Systems for Sustainable Crop Production and Improving Soil Health
Manpreet Singh High Capacity Tractor Operated Relay Seeder for Enhancing Productivity of Cotton- Wheat System in South Asia
   Poster Session 5: Impacts of Conservation Agriculture on Crop Production
Andrew Price Glyphosate Resistant Weeds - A Threat to Conservation Agriculture
Balwinder Singh Can Adoption of CA Rice-Wheat Systems Concurrently Increase Productivity and Stop the Groundwater Table Decline in North-West India?
Denizart Bolonhezi Conservation Agriculture Principles Applied for Brazilian Peanut Crop System
Denizart Bolonhezi Long-Term Field Trial of No-Tillage and Crop Rotation for Grain Production System in Southeast of Brazil
Forbes Walker Using Conservation AgricuIture to Sustainably Intensify Maize Production and Increase Yields in the Maphusteng Valley, Lesotho
Hanuman Sahay Jat Effects of Planting Dates and Residue Mulch on Phalaris Minor and Other Broadleaf Weeds in Zero-Till Wheat in a Rice-Wheat Rotation in Northwest India
Ivan Cuvaca Cassava Tuber Yield and Quality as Influenced by Different Combinations of Contrasting Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium Fertilizer Rates
Johan Labuschagne Short Term Effects After Introduction of Conservation Agricultural Practices on Yield and Quality of Wheat and Canola in the Swartland Sub-Region of the Western Cape
Kerrianne Koehler-Munro Environmental Footprints of Agri-Food Commodities: An Alberta Experience
M Jahiruddin Crop Response to Nitrogen Fertilizer under Strip Tillage and Two Residue Retention Levels in a Rice-Wheat- Mungbean Sequence
Mitchell Timmerman Interactive Extension Techniques Effectively Engage Audiences Regarding Agriculture and Water Quality in Manitoba
Naveen Gupta Affects of Tillage and Mulching on the Growth, Yield and Water Productivity of a Dry Seeded Rice-Wheat Cropping System in North-West India
Raj Kumar Jat Seven Years of Conservation Agriculture in a Rice-Wheat Rotation of Eastern Gangetic Plains of South Asia: Yield Trends, Economic Profitability and Carbon Use Efficiency
Hafiz Mujeeb Rehman Assessing the Performance of Various Resource Conservation Technologies for Sustainable Management of Rice-Wheat Cropping Systems in Punjab, Pakistan
Gottlieb Basch LIFE+ Agricarbon. Sustainable Agriculture in Carbon Arithmetics
   Poster Session 6: Response of Conservation Agriculture to Stress
Deb O'Dell
Using Micrometeorology to Compare Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Flux Between Till and No-till Agriculture Practices in Lesotho
Johan Labuschagne Grain yield and Protein Content of Wheat (Triticum aestivum) as Influenced by Nitrogen Fertiliser Application and Cropping System under No-Till in the Swartland Sub-Region of the Western Cape of South Africa
Joel Perez Nieto Soil Properties and Carbon Sequestration in Conservation Agriculture in a Mollisol and Inceptisol of Mexico
Houcine Angar Dynamics of Soil Organic Matter, Organic Carbon and Organic Nitrogen under No-Tillage
Stephanie Cheesman Suitability of Maize-Based Conservation Agriculture Systems in Southern Africa: an On-Farm Study
Mahesh Gathala
Abdrubalrasoul Alomran
Tom Goddard Greenhouse Gas Offsets - Alberta's Market Experience
Neal Eash Real-time Carbon Sequestration Rates on Smallholder Fields in Southern Africa
Wednesday, June 25
   Concurrent Session 10 - Key to Intensifying Crop Production
Gottlieb Basch Mobilizing Greater Crop and Land Potentials with Conservation Agriculture
Seema Sepat Comparative Evaluation of Conservation Agriculture Practices on Productivity and Sustainability of Pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan L)-wheat (Triticum aestivum) Cropping Systems under the Indo-Gangetic Plains of India
Amin Mugera Implications of Adoption of Zero Tillage (ZT) on Productive Efficiency: A Syrian Case
Molefi Mpheshea The Impact of Nitrogen, Cover Cropping and Tillage on Population Sizes of Nitrogen Cycling Bacteria Under a Continuous No-Till Cotton Experiment in West Tennessee
Virender Kumar Can High Cereal Yields be Attained and Sustained with Less Resource Use in the Rice-wheat Cropping Systems of South Asia? A Case Study From Northwest India
   Concurrent Session 11 - Interfacing with Livestock Production
Martin Entz Crop-Livestock Integration in Conservation Agriculture Systems
Harun Cicek   Can Grazing Make Organic No-Till Possible?
Johann Strauss An Economic Evaluation of Crop and Crop/Annual Legume Pasture Rotation Systems in the Swartland, Western Cape, South Africa
   Concurrent Session 12 - Producer Adoption
Amit Roy Adoption of Innovative Technologies
Josef Kienzle Conservation Agriculture: A Precision Farming Tool for Smallholders
Stephen Loss Farmer Development and Uptake of Zero Tillage in Mosul Iraq 2006-2013
Renick Peries  A Pragmatic Approach to How Conservation Agriculture Helps Southern Australian High Rainfall Zone (HRZ) Farmers to Innovate Towards Productivity Gains
Kindie Tesfaye Identifying Recommendation Domains for Conservation Agriculture in Eastern and Southern Africa
   Poster Session 10: Intensifying Crop Production
Enamul Haque Transplanted Rice in Conservation Agriculture - How is it Possible
Richard Bell Conservation Agriculture in Rice-Based Cropping Systems: Its Effect on Crop Performance
Hafiz Mujeeb Rehman Addressing the Problem of Crop Residue Through Adopting of Turbo Seeder in Rice-wheat Cropping Systems of central Punjab Pakistan
Bakhitbay Aybergenov The Study of No-Till Farming System in the High Risk Agricultural Zones in the Southern Aral Sea, in Karakalpakstan
   Poster Session 11: Integrating Livestock with Crops
Beth Poganski Low-Grade Weirs: An Innovative Drainage Management Conservation Practice with Global Applicability
Annieka Paridaen  Getting More Value from Canola (Brassica napus) - Opportunities for Mixed Farming Enterprises in Southern Australia's High Rainfall Cropping Regions
Chandra Praharaj Sustaining Livelihood Security with Village Cluster Approach for Resource Conservation
Johann Strauss An Economic Evaluation of Short Rotation Crop and Crop/Pasture Systems at Tygerhoek in the Southern Cape, South Africa
Frederic Baudron Conservation Agriculture in African Mixed Crop-Livestock Systems: Expanding the Niche
   Poster Session 12: Producer Adoption of Conservation Agriculture
Houcine Angar
Adoption of Conservation Agriculture in Tunisia: Approaches and Strategies Implemented
Baqir Lalani Economics and Adoption of Conservation Agriculture in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique
Mahesh Gathala  Yield performance and agronomic N efficiency of a maize-rice rotation under strip and conventional tillage in contrasting environments in Bangladesh
Nirmal Gadal Adaptations in Conservation Agriculture for Acceptance by Smallholder Farmers in the Hills of Nepal
Ataur Rahman Productivity of Triple Cereal System under Double Zero-Tillage with Crop Residue Retention
Domingo Dias Improving Productivity of Maize-Legume Farming Systems Through CA. Evidences and Lessons From SIMLESA Mozambique
Domingo Dias Does Gender Matter in Agricultural Research and Development? Findings from SIMLESA Mozambique
Alfred Micheni Maize-bean Farming System under Conservation Agriculture: Assessing Productivity and Sustainability in Eastern Kenya
John E. Sariah An Assessment of Potential Benefits of CA for Smallholder Farmers: Lessons from SIMLESA Tanzania
Donwell Kamalongo Can we Alleviate Food insecurity using Conservation Agriculture Technologies among Smallholder Farmers of Malawi? Emerging Lessons from Malawi
Drake Mubiru  Bridging the Maize Yield Gap among Smallholders: Preliminary Findings of SIMLESA Uganda
Mulugetta Mekuria Sustainable Intensification Based CA for Sustainable Food Security and Poverty Reduction: Initial Evidences from SIMLESA
Yeshitila Merene Maize Breeding for CA System Compatibility: Farmers’ Voce and Scientists’ Assessment in North West Ethiopia
Laouar Abdelmalek Weed Management in Conservation Agriculture in North Algeria
Tadesse Birhanu Assessing the potential benefits of CA: Evidences from maize-legume systems of Sub-Humid Western Ethiopia