Special Membership Edition
Dec 31, 2011
Ron Olson and Rex Martin represent The Mosaic Company
and Syngenta, CTIC's Corporate Gold members. They
both serve on the CTIC Board of Directors, Rex Martin
as chairman.
They invite corporations, institutions and individuals to
become CTIC members and share in our success.
CTIC photo.
CTIC attracts audiences nation-wide with its exemplary events and demonstrations.
CTIC Photo.
Our 2011 Successes
Members Made it Happen

John Niemeyer participates in the Indian Creek Watershed Project on behalf of Agrium Advanced Technologies, a Tier One project sponsor and CTIC corporate member.  CTIC photo.
CTIC members funded our 2011 achievements. We've touched thousands with our outreach efforts and educational programs, and continue receiving favorable reviews.  CTIC members supported us in: