Special Membership Edition
Dec 31, 2011
Ron Olson and Rex Martin represent The Mosaic Company
and Syngenta, CTIC's Corporate Gold members. They
both serve on the CTIC Board of Directors, Rex Martin
as chairman.
They invite corporations, institutions and individuals to
become CTIC members and share in our success.
CTIC photo.
CTIC members support extensive outreach of conservation technology information and educational events for the farm and non-farm public.
CTIC Photo.
Why People Like Us
We Set the Stage for Success

CTIC Past Chair Tim Healey served as a host during CTIC's 2011 Conservation In Action Tour. CTIC photo.
There's a reason our members renew again and again. CTIC values inclusion, appropriate and effective messaging and balance between economics and environment.
We draw public and private resources together to solve common issues. We bring people on both sides of environmental issues to the table. We're adept at facilitating dialogue between them and establishing common ground.
We focus on agricultural advisors. We value the ability of ag dealers, county conservation districts, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, certified crop consultants and others who advise farmers to serve as information multipliers. We tailor messages for this target audience, so we efficiently reach hundreds of farmers with each message.
We balance economics with natural resources conservation. Farmers must be able to make a living while protecting water, soil and air quality, and creating wildlife habitat.
We're a nonprofit organization with one agenda, and our funding comes from multiple sources. Our mission is clear and the information we share is unbiased.
We're led by a diverse board of agribusiness and conservation organization representatives. Several government officials serve as advisors. This mix results in well-rounded decision making.

Our mission: We champion, promote and provide information on productive, profitable technologies and sustainable agricultural systems that conserve and enhance soil, water, air and wildlife resources.
And our members fill the vital role of funding our efforts.