Hear the unique story of the Everglades Agricultural Area, a tale of farming with the entire ecosystem in mind.

Every year, we select a special place to hold a dynamic, action-packed tour that showcases innovative ideas and emerging technologies in conservation agriculture. This year, we're headed to Florida, and we'd love to see you there. We'll explore the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) and hear the tale of farmers working with the entire ecosystem in mind.

Information for Tour Participants
Tour participants, check out the need-to-know info, everything from times to locations to what to wear.
What will I see? 
  • Stormwater Treatment Areas, which played a role in Everglades restoration
  • Flooded rice protection as a cover crop for sugar cane growers
  • Owl boxes that provide housing for barn owls, which manage pests in EAA fields
  • Demonstrations showing subsidence (soil shrinkage) in the EAA
  • Precision agriculture technology
  • And much more!
Learn more about the topics that will be discussed on the tour.
Who will be there?

Farmers, agricultural retailers, members of agricultural and conservation organizations, government agency representatives, legislators, researchers, members of the media and more. More than 250 people attended the 2013 Conservation in Action Tour in Illinois.
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We hope to see you in Florida!