Fieldprinting Sustainable Corn and Soybean Production in Illinois and Indiana

What is the Fieldprint® Calculator?

The Calculator is a free and confidential tool developed for corn, cotton, rice, wheat, potatoes and soybean growers. It allows growers to better understand and communicate how management choices affect overall sustainability performance and operational efficiency.
The Calculator estimates field level performance on the following sustainability indicators:
  • Conservation
  • Energy Use
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Irrigation Water Use
  • Land Use
  • Soil Carbon
  • Water Quality
Project Summary
Our project was made possible with the help of the United Soybean Board. By using the Fieldprint Calculator to engage with farmers while also providing technical and community support, this project will help farmers evaluate how their decisions influence their sustainability outcomes and how their management systems can meet the sustainability and conservation expectations of international customers. In addition, this project helps farmers define sound environmental objectives and work toward those objectives with continuous improvement in technology and cultural practices, all of which are key components of productive, profitable and sustainable farming systems. 

Project Partners
  • Agrium
  • AgSolver
  • Benton County SWCD
  • Big Pine Steering Committee
  • Field to Market
  • Illinois Corn Growers Association
  • Illinois Soybean Association
  • Indiana Corn Marketing Board
  • Indiana Farm Bureau
  • Indiana Pork Producers
  • Indiana Soybean Alliance
  • Indiana State Department of Agriculture
  • International Plant Nutrition Institute
  • Livingston County SWCD
  • The Fertilizer Institute
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • United Soybean Board
  • Upper Vermillion Steering Committee
  • Warren County SWCD
  • White County SWCD
  • Build the capacity of local SWCD offices by training them on the Fieldprint Calculator.
  • Build the capacity of local Certified Crop Advisors.
  • Establish a steering committee of interested producers, local advisors, and other stakeholders to help guide the project.
  • Producers have a greater understanding of their performance against a nationally recognized set of sustainability metrics and a greater awareness of how management choices impact overall sustainability performance and operational efficiency.
  • An increase in the number of key stakeholders who recognize Illinois soybean farmers as trusted sources of soybean sustainability, value and information for the marketplace.
  • A better understanding of agriculture’s impact on each watershed among project participants, advisors and key leaders.
  • More targeted education and outreach activities in the active watersheds.
  • Greater adoption of priority conservation practices and systems by project participants in the Indian Creek watershed leading to improved water quality.